101 things not to do in public

  • 101. Sing in the bathroom stall.
  • 100. Throw your pants out of the bathroom stall just as an employee walks in.
  • 99. Pull your pants up as high as possible, tuck in your shirt and do the “Confidence Walk”.
  • 98. Pretend to be “Llama Girl”
  • 97. Go trick-or-treating the day after Halloween.
  • 96. Walk into a restaurant with a gorilla costume on.
  • 95. Throw foaming soap at people.
  • 94. Use as many paper towels as possible, including using them to brush your hair.
  • 93. Do the Ashlee Simpson “Texas Jig”
  • 92. Lick your arm in public and see peoples reactions.
  • 91. Identify fonts used on billboard ads.
  • 90. Tie a big car toy to the back of your bike and pull it down a hill.
  • 89. When your neighbor yells at you for being too loud, grab a megaphone and yell louder.
  • 88. In the middle of a rain storm, take a bar of soap and take a shower under the gutter.
  • 87. Run down the street singing “I’m singing in the rain!” during a hurricane.
  • 86. Try to live in your tree.
  • 85. Have a crabapple fight.
  • 84. Slide down the super market isles in your socks.
  • 83. Spin around the floor “break dancing” in the super market.
  • 82. Put a lawn chair in your tree and do your homework in it.
  • 81. Push the “Button.” You hold out your hand, and then poke it, and who ever you are doing it to has to fall no matter what.
  • 80. Insist on trying to read every single piece of brail you find in your school.
  • 79. Prank call “My Lemon” and when they ask you what your problem is, say, “My problem is, my lemon is submitting radioactive waves through my apples and oranges!”
  • 78. Put a dirty sock in someone’s mailbox.
  • 77. Prank call a Chinese food restaurant using the Napoleon Dynamite sound board, and insist that they, “Bring you your chap stick.”
  • 76. Blow spit bubbles.
  • 75. Try to learn a hand game that consists of a lot of clapping in a restaurant.
  • 74. Fling scrunchies at the cheerleaders of a Philadelphia Soul game.
  • 73. In the middle of a restaurant stare wide-eyed out the window and say hauntingly, “The aliens, they’re coming!” while pointing at nothing.
  • 72. Tell people that are singing at a karaoke bar that they suck.
  • 71. Give the pumpkin men at a haunted corn maze hugs.
  • 70. Punch Dracula on a haunted hayride.
  • 69. Puke on Michael Myers, the scary one.
  • 68. Walk into a scary clown because the strobe lights made you dizzy
  • 67. Mimic one of the scarers at Terror Behind the Walls
  • 66. Almost ruin the entire set of Terror Behind the Walls by backing into the wall.
  • 65. Pretend to be the “Stupid Heroes”. Use your imagination.
  • 64. Trip during the shuttle run and rip your pants.
  • 63. Wear your shoes on the wrong feet.
  • 62. Hug a sign at Six Flags, great Adventure.
  • 61. Chase a bike down the road because it was “SHINY!!”
  • 60. Try to hug a car because it was “SHINY!!”
  • 59. Have a picnic on the roof.
  • 58. Try every sampler at Bath & Body Works.
  • 57. Walk by the food samplers multiple times at restaurants just to fill yourself up.
  • 56. Walk to Wawa in the biggest sweatpants you can find.
  • 55. Run into your teacher at a horseback riding lesson.
  • 54. Walk to Wawa in “moon shoes.”
  • 53. Try to freestyle rap or just sing random songs in general.
  • 52. Skip down the hallways in school.
  • 51. Accidentally throw your cell phone away when you’re trying to throw away your trash.
  • 50. Accidentally throw away $80 worth of video games.
  • 49. Roll around in the dirt then go to a fancy restaurant and stare through the window at people that are eating.
  • 48. Put your friend on a leash in the middle of a mall and get him to jump onto giant bird cages while screaming like a monkey.
  • 47. Pretend to be deaf.
  • 46. Loosen someone’s bike wheels.
  • 45. Ride full speed on a bike at a snow bank and flip over it.
  • 44. Drive your car over some kids bike ramp and break it.
  • 43. Walk down the street dancing like a “little orange alien.”
  • 42. Use your parents car as a slide.
  • 41. Go to a dollar store and ask if they accept money.
  • 40. Run away from random people as if they were following you.
  • 39. Knock your friend over in front of the Mexican gardeners and say “Hi!” and then walk away as if nothing happened.
  • 38. Smell a calculator and then say, “No, my butt doesn’t smell.”
  • 37. Recite the entire X-men movie flawlessly.
  • 36. Brush your arm hair.
  • 35. Square dance.
  • 34. Time your bird’s droppings then let your friend hold it so they will get pooed on.
  • 33. Announce to the world, “I have flub! Yes I do! I have flub! How bout you??”
  • 32. Play “Sweet & Sour” with old, or just plain grouchy people while in a car.
  • 31. Make faces at people through the windows of a car on a highway.
  • 30. Get 3 people together (including you) and assign each of you a part in “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” and act like monkeys doing the symbols through the back of a car windshield.
  • 29. Sing your locker combination out loud.
  • 28. Count your steps all the way from Super G to home.
  • 27. Let out three long shrieks and then fart.
  • 26. Say “Yes!” then bring in your arm and fart exactly when you’re finished.
  • 25. Push a door that says “Pull” in big bright red letters.
  • 24. Run around in circles in a revolving door.
  • 23. Run up the down escalator.
  • 22. Push all the buttons on an elevator right before getting off.
  • 21. Point out people’s grammar mistakes.
  • 20. Wear outfits that completely clash.
  • 19. Debate on what the right way is to say “water.”
  • 18. Bring a flash light to a movie theater, and shine it in the screen.
  • 17. Walk down the street with stockings on your head, and pull them so your nose is lifted up.
  • 16. Do a blow fish while on the high way.
  • 15. Take your cat on a walk .. er, drag, actually.
  • 14. Talk about Charmed for an hour straight.
  • 13. Cry at a concert just to get an autograph. (Keep in mind that I was in third grade.)
  • 12. Forget your own age.
  • 11. Sleep in a big box on a fold out bed.
  • 10. Sleep in a bear costume, on the middle of a cafeteria table.
  • 11. Eat cat food.
  • 10. Put stockings on your head, and walk into Old Navy, while hitting your friend with a belt.
  • 09. Fart on a hard, smooth, bench in the middle of church.
  • 08. Burp really loud, and walk away as if nothing happened, while everyone stares at you.
  • 07. Talk about how old the old people are while they are behind you.
  • 06. Gaze at how when people talk, their nostrils flare.
  • 05. Talk about how when you’re older, you’re going to drive slow on purpose, when old people are sitting right next to you.
  • 04. Argue loudly about who slapped who’s butt.
  • 03. On the first day of school, write in big capital letters on the chalk board, “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!”
  • 02. Leave a pig’s leg, with a fork stuck in it, on the cafeteria table.
  • 01. Do any of the things on this list in public.

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27 Responses to “101 things not to do in public”

  1. Apatorius

    What the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Apatorius

    I am not doing any of those things

  3. Juplm21

    Y What the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Juplm21

    #1 is the most most important.

  5. fisherboy656

    OMG I WAS GANA HAVE A PICNIC ON THE ROOF TODAY!!!!! i still did half of thuse

  6. juplm21

    me 2

  7. juplm21


  8. Teamabo

    I hope you don’t ming but im from UK so pants means like underwear over here!!

  9. juplm21

    im in england as well

  10. InuYasha

    i have licked my arm in public but not for fun i am part demon fox


    OMG! u guyz really did 1/2 that stuff?! retardz!!

  12. that's funny! (2beakie4)

    I don’t have armpit hair! Those things are really funny! I was laughing so much!

  13. juplm21

    ive done 22 so many times

  14. nick

    i guess i fail cause i do some of those….oops

  15. Zigidgy

    ive done number three…………. at my uncles wedding……DATS IN PUBLIC!!!!!! no we were having karoke

  16. Zigidgy

    andy griffiths did number 96 when he was a kid!

  17. Zigidgy

    i have done 27 26 and 23 bout 50000000000000000000 times

  18. Zigidgy

    i was born doing number 83 (yep im too cool for the politics whatever i just bloody wrote)

  19. Zigidgy

    i did number 69 punched him grabbed his knife and cut him open then swallowed his liver without chewing IM MICHAEL ZYGGERS!

  20. Zigidgy

    OH HOW I LOVE DOING 43! (i love you little orange alien!)

  21. Zigidgy

    i do 73 everyday 🙂

  22. Zigidgy

    i did 39 last year! creepy

  23. Zigidgy

    doing 63 is my favourite hobbie

  24. Zigidgy

    i have done half of the list! (and a quater of a quarter

  25. Zigidgy

    6 i do whenever people talk to me

  26. Zigidgy

    i have done more than half of them

  27. Zigidgy

    i did 72! 🙂

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