coins for change

Posted On December 14, 2007

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coins for change has started but:

<code>A lot of really kind caring people are posting on websites and saying “Donate all your coins!” or things like “I’m donating 10,000 coins!” But, you have to understand, donating your coins is like VOTING. You donate your coins to see which charity gets the biggest piece of the 1 million dollar jackpot. Disney (and Club Penguin) are donating 1,000,000 dollars to 3 charities REGARDLESS if they get any CP coins or not. The coin thing is to just see where CP players want most of the money to go; so no. Donating a lot of coins wont change the amount. It’s going to be 1 million $, and no amount of coins is going to change that. They’re donating 1 million $ and that’s it, so I’d say to save your coins, because regardless, the charities will get their money; and donating extra coins is not going to make Disney donate more real-life money.


One Response to “coins for change”

  1. tadpole

    but i kinda donated to all of them

    Yeah,Its kinda tempting

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