Posted On March 7, 2008

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Im sorry many of you think i’m a fake, because it now feels like every second i’ve spent on this site was a waste! i’ve missed out on a lot of things and if someone could help me get back on the latest news, that would be great. so far Alexkurty is the only one that believes me. fine, dont belive me! Alexkurty knows that it’s me, and if Cyclone visited this site more often he’d be able to tell it’s me. i think im gonna join team purecheating, compare to moller i’ve made way better programs!

Please belive me




One Response to “please…”

  1. Tammytiggy21

    You are the ultimate cheat master.My friend tried it and she wasn’t banned i belive you i’m just a little nervous of giving my password out please help me belive you can give me like 1 million coins email me at!P.S YOU ROCK!!!!!

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