A few small things before I go

Posted On March 18, 2011

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I’ve always been wondering, how many people actually liked this blog? I mean there are a lot of people who play club penguin, and probably less than 1% have seen this blog. And another thing, the Club Penguin Trainer 2 codes, will all work for every future trainer, as the codes are stored at Club Penguins end, not yours. Also, if enough people ask, I now have the knowledge to make a Club Penguin Trainer, so maybe I will. The layout of the program would probably be more like Club Penguin Trainer 2, but it will be called Juplms Trainer, because there are so many coming out at a time that by the time I finish making it, there would be loads out. And last thing, how many people think club penguin would be better if Disney never bought it? I remember the first changes that disney made, everyone hated, but now I think most people have stopped caring. YouTube was it’s own company for a year, until google bought it, and I hated the new YouTube video player, but now I can see how the new features wouldn’t have worked for the old one. But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?


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