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8 Responses to “animations”

  1. Rocktroper


  2. XcyclonatorX

    OKAY. ITS CYCLONE TO THE RESCUE (or so they say?)
    Juplm21, I’m Alexkurty’s bud. You better make Alexkurty an adnimistrator on his site, or I will post on my 300,000 hit site that we will spam you. Send you junk mail, those kind of stuff. So, I’m telling you, make Alexkurty an adnimistrator again, or you will face the consenquences:
    Junk Mail
    Report on CP
    Report if we see you (as in Maple, Penguin Chat, etc.)
    Oh yeah Alexkurty will delete his site if you don’t follow him, and then he can report you to wordpress, making you OUT OF THIS SITE. Face it; whichever way you choose, you won’t make it.

    • juplm21

      Fuck off… Go on then, do all that shit. I don’t use that email address so the first 2 are void, and I don’t even use cub penguin or this site anymore. It’s just an empty threat now…

  3. boopidoop

    i like te bomb one

  4. Tasha

    Ha ha

  5. hello

    big mac:i need a doub le cheeseburger and hold the lettece
    dont be front son noseeds on the bu…

    yes of corse u need a cheseburger

  6. Zigidgy

    im a moderator no one knows it!

    • juplm21

      No ur not… Wtf

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