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33 Responses to “ask uncle artic”

  1. 126596hi

    Is there a cheat to have unlimited buddies if there is please tell me how to get unlimited buddies

    no but there is a cheat to get more than 100 buddies!first you get 99 buddies and then ask for loads and then when they all reply yes you will have more than 100 buddies!

    • lol like ill tell ya


  2. 126596hi

    thank you,whats rockhoppers password a password you dont get banned for and how old is club penguin,also wats paintboy 100’s password.

    To be RH you need the IP on the computor and I dont know what that is.CP is 2 years old.Paintboy is banned forever.I think………………

  3. 126596hi

    shut up gobber he told me how to get more than 100 buddies

  4. 126596hi

    …Arctic you rule


  5. 126596hi

    whens rockhopper coming on a website he said he was coming on October,29,2007 is that true

    i dont know

  6. 126596hi

    do you hate hackers if you do then why do you have cp trainer 2 codes

    i do not hate hackers i like it i think it is a good idea and i thought i might get more views like this.they r also cp trainer 3 codes.same thing because the are #IDs

  7. 126596hi

    uncle artic can you steal Rockhoppers name with CP trainer 2 can change your name and this code is not on the cp trainer codes because i heard it wad found by axident but the code for his hat is $$” in cpde and not i code it is 442.

  8. 126596hi

    Uncle Artic it’s horrible i got banned for 71 hours for hacking even the “Num of Bans couldn’t help me

    i said i will e-mail u
    its not ment to help

  9. 126596hi

    I KNOW IT WAS THE NINJA MASK it does not exsist so i cant equiped it uncle artic i suggest you remove where it says 104 ninja mask so nobody else gets banned and they will not visit this site anymore (But i will) also is there anyway you can unban me please


  10. 126596hi

    can you tell me now PLZ


  11. 126596hi

    Hey! dat was mean you should answer nicely i have 108 buddies be mean to me again and i will tell all the people i now and don’t know on Club Penguin to NEVER visit this site again!


    • juplm21

      i am no longer sorry

  12. 126596hi

    never mind

  13. sharnz

    Hey 126596hi

  14. sharnz

    rh pass is rockhopper or cp team both banned

    thats because they log in on diffrent computors

  15. Mew575865

    Hi i am just here to say that i emailed club penguin and um they said it was impossible to become a ninja unless you use
    Your imagination!!!
    Oh yeah who banned paintboy i have to know my friends are asking.

    1.Or CP trainer
    2.Antras or CP trainer
    3.I hate paintboy

  16. Mew575865

    i also need to know, how do you tip the iceberg???

    Well, there is a roomer saying you can tip it with the drill but they are all fakes. 😦
    it is impossible

    • pop37258

      Hi there is a way to tip the ice berg it is not a fake you see if you get 100 penguins on the ice berg then go to the far left on the ice berg and dance or drill for about 5 minutes it will tip and the rewared is 50,000 and you get grounded(bye grounded i mean the say you have been bad so go to your house but you dont really)hope that help you

  17. Jakey

    Is It True You Can Get People Onemillion Coins If It Is True How Do You Get It For Me???

  18. captainpoke2

    can i become a ninja

  19. mew575865

    But i must know who did it please please please tell me

  20. Mew575865

    You can not become a ninja on it, it’s impossible

  21. Penguins dont listan

    Geez,people what are you noob no dib you cant tip it!i mean my gosh!

  22. nick

    hey ummmm… for cptrainer 5 what is the I.D. for the ninja suit (the real one?)? cause i was told 421 but its fake soo can u tell me?
    possibly 104

  23. fergy


  24. jjtoz1

    how can i get old

  25. jjtoz1

    how do i get old mail

  26. jjtoz1

    how can i get old furniture

  27. brainteaser9

    if u made a cp traner before on visual basic6 please email codes and how to make acp traner email me at:

  28. brainteaser9

    if u made a cp trainer before on visual basic 6 please email codes and how to make a cp trainer email me at:

  29. pop37258

    Hi i have been a penguin for 697 days and i decided to email the club penguin support and asked for a 10 minute free trial and they said no so i was woundering if there is a way to become a club penguin member with out paying a single dime can you please help me?
    there seems to be a page called free membership ON THIS SITE

  30. Zigidgy

    is there a way to kill on cp because i heard rumors…

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