I know what you thinking.Wow thats a lot of coins!If you e-mail me your username and password at or then you can have 1,000,000 coins jackpot. Here is proof that i can do it.coins.png


the amount of coins, i wont do this 4 free:

50 coins – 1 comment on my site

100 – 2 comments

150 – 3 comments

200 – 4 comments

250 – 5 comments

300 – 6 comments

350 – 7 comments

400 – 8 comments

450 – 9 comments

500 – 10 comments

550 – 11 comments

600 – 12 comments

650 – 13 comments

700 – 14 comments

750 – 15 comments

800 – 16 comments

850 – 17 comments

900 – 18 comments

950 – 19 comments

1000 – 20 comments

1050 – 21

1100 – 22

1150 – 23

1200 – 24

1250 – 25

1300 – 26

1350 -27

1400 – 28

1450 – 29

1500 – 30


Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

111 Responses to “coins”

  1. philipderri

    i need 1000000
    e-mail me the usernama & pass at

  2. Promak234

    i’m just sayin but why if we can just usethe CP trainer 2 to get $999999999,999999999999999,99999999999,99999999,9999999999 dollars

    cp trainer coi hack wont work and you cant have more than 1 million coins

  3. Beefloin

    can I please have all of those coins.

    here is the link again

  4. beaker1018

    can u please get me 1,ooo,ooo coins? thanks.

  5. beaker1018

    Can u get me 1,000,000 coins please? my username is beaker1018 and my password is *****. thanks.


    i deleted the pass cos it wont work and also if i approve the comment it is released to public so it would be better if u e-mailed me

  6. U WILL GO

    hi sam its william young

  7. Jessie 999

    Were is version 2

  8. juplm

    version 2 of wat

  9. U WILL GO

    my user is U WILL GO and my pass is roysie 1

  10. hrwjklw

    i can give you 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999$.just email me your user and password at

    thats not possible

  11. sdd

    who want automatliyi member for ever i $ for you last time only 1 person who first he won it ! mail me

  12. chikmagnet


  13. chikmagnet

    sorry bout dat i got bored!!!!!!!!!

  14. you dont need to know my name!

    May I please have 1,000,000 please?

    Thanks! 🙂

    I need your pass and name

  15. u dont need mi name

    everyone its a trick so he can go onto ur clubpenguin user so dont do it ok

    remember you dont need my user

    ok?I promise tgat i will close down this page if anything happens

  16. Twink

    can i have 1000000 coins please.I”m gonna sue you if this doesn’t work!

  17. Luke Skywalker

    OMG! Can I please have 1000000 coins!

  18. bobafett23

    do you e-mail people back?

    only if the account wont work

  19. bobafett23

    how long does it take?


  20. bobafett23

    cause i tried it and it’s been 2 weeks and i haven’t gotten my 1000000
    coins yet!

    it doddnt work

  21. jake$$$

    do u like chocolate milk?


  22. iluvchuc

    COOL! is there a catch though?

    don’t think 1 million coins over night.nope

  23. bobafett23

    would you like me to try again?

  24. bobafett23

    nevermind I already did it again

  25. susanbobby

    What do you get out of this?

    apart from 1000000 coins?

  26. jake$$$

    do you like potatoes?


  27. bobafett23

    I tried again and it didn’t work. I’m gonna try again.

  28. jake$$$

    this is your final question. Do you like cheese?


  29. jake$$$

    Woo hoo!!! You officially rock! Thank you.

  30. XcyclonatorX

    OKAY. ITS CYCLONE TO THE RESCUE (or so they say?)
    Juplm21, I’m Alexkurty’s bud. You better make Alexkurty an adnimistrator on this site, or I will post on my 300,000 hit site that we will spam you. Send you junk mail, those kind of stuff. So, I’m telling you, make Alexkurty an adnimistrator again, or you will face the consenquences:
    Junk Mail
    Report on CP
    Report if we see you (as in Maple, Penguin Chat, etc.)
    Oh yeah Alexkurty will delete his site if you don’t follow him, and then he can report you to wordpress, making you OUT OF THIS SITE. Face it; whichever way you choose, you won’t make it.

  31. bobafett23

    comment deleted

  32. steini

    hey yo, joke. i want million coins and i want it in my REAL LIFE

    do it know

    1.This is a club penguin coin thingy
    2.know is prnounced ‘no’.You should use ‘now’

  33. JD003

    How are we syre that u wont ban us. No offense just in case b/c I don’t wanna be banned.

  34. JD003

    How r we sure u won’t ban us, cause I really like my penguin. No offense. Just to be safe.

  35. nick

    hi get me 1000000

  36. Jakey

    Cool Have You Got It For Anyone Yet???

  37. Outrageran

    Please put a million coins on my account on cp now, men! my user is…..


    and do it when you’ll play cp do mine first! ant TNX………($_$)>…….(^_^)……..Thank you (if you’ll put a million on my account)…..and if you don’t put a million on my account (well I need to force you to pt a million on it k???

    or else…………..

  38. Anonymous

    just tell us how 2 do it without goin on my account

  39. tuxido agent

    i love money

  40. jonny

    k don’t give her your pass word trust me i wen ton to one of the peoples files that gav eit to her and it says they are banned 4 life

  41. bob

    her is my username is rrgod3 and my pass is 521626

  42. juplm21

    Reply to:


    k don’t give her your pass word trust me i wen ton to one of the peoples files that gav eit to her and it says they are banned 4 life

    I’m a boy, It won’t get u banned and if it does then I will close down this page and y should we trust u?

  43. juplm21

    Reply to:


    k don’t give her your pass word trust me i wen ton to one of the peoples files that gav eit to her and it says they are banned 4 life

    I’m a boy, It won’t get u banned and if it does then I will close down this page and y should we trust u??

  44. as if i'll tell you


    • juplm21

      it does say email them

  45. Who cares what my name is?

    Hey, if you really are not going to mess with out accounts, and wont ban it or do anything whatsoever, then why do you even want our account and passwords? Its not like your getting any profit from
    makin coins for our accounts, you could just post the trick on the website. So this proves that you want to mess with our accounts.
    I have an account that i dont use anymore, i dont go on it after i got my member one, so here it is
    Account – Sunbright564
    Password – crookshanks

  46. david

    please gey me 10000000.0 coins on club penguin please

  47. saoirse

    i need money lodz so give me money

  48. shhredder

    please i need coin nickname shhredder passwordis *013520582

  49. Josger

    Can i Have 1000.000.000 on club penguin Please

  50. Josger

    Can i have 1000.000.000 coins on club penguin please and = my password is GIGGS thank’s bye bye

  51. Josger

    Only cidding my password is ***********

  52. Sarah

    I need I,000,000 coin My name is sundaze 10
    My Password id Teddy

  53. Sarah

    Need 1,000,000 Get me Them Now PLEASE

  54. boopidoop

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase can i have all that wonderful,glorious,amazing money?

  55. nvmaldives12

    i want 100000 coins what i have to do?????? i want the cash NOW!!!!!!!!!

  56. tomrune98

    i need 40k coins

  57. luke

    plz get me all the coins my name goldman3 pass lukey

  58. luke

    plz get me all the coins my goldman pass lukey thanks if u get the coins

  59. luke

    if u get the coins ill tell u my runescape account

  60. luke

    plz reply when is it done

  61. fatpie u are

    hi i have 100000000000 ccoins and not a member what shlli do

  62. nazikinz

    n n
    n n
    ( o o )
    ( u u )o

  63. Kally Joe

    Iwould like it all please

  64. jamie

    i need 99999999999999999999999999999999,9999999999999999999999999999999,9999999999999999999999999999999,99999999999999999999999,99999999999999999999999999999,9999999999999999999999,99999999999999999999,9999999999999999999999,999999999999999999999,99999999999999999,999999999999999999,999999999999999999999 coins

  65. meneghost

    hi will you help me please very badly

  66. ghalia lattouf

    i really hope its true !!


  67. ghalia lattouf

    i really hope its true !!

  68. ghalia lattouf

    just kidding

  69. egesari

    1000000,1000000,000000 coins

  70. Ryan

    how can u get us that many

  71. lambo

    um i dont know if i trust you so canj you plz text me on my email

  72. lambo

    i need you to tell the truth cause not to much peeps trust you so text or email me.

  73. Hunter

    I emailed you now what?

  74. Snowluwer

    Please give me 1.000.000 coins! Really quick! And if you can, can you give me membership for free? Because that doese that “Free membership!!” works…. Username: Snowluwer pass: sussiaju Thanks!!!!

  75. juplm21

    To Will Young, how many times have u been on here??

  76. billybob

    i would like to know if ur r a nonmember i can get u 10000 coins a day i need ur password and user mi email is b

  77. treegreen1

    can you get me 100,000 coins plz user treegreen1 and password is

  78. treegreen1

    sorry i didnt post my pass i just dont want to get banned

  79. blueiskols

    please get me 100,000 coins please!

  80. Lola77123

    Hi I have a question umm.. after you supposably give all that money to penguins do you delete their username and pass?that they sent you well type back

  81. juplm21

    Reply to:


    Hi I have a question umm.. after you supposably give all that money to penguins do you delete their username and pass?that they sent you well type back


  82. oogalyboogaly

    i need member ship

  83. luke

    thanks tiny101! thank you so much now i can the viking helmet!!! yeah thank you !!!

  84. nick

    piz give me 1000000000 coins my penguins name is Schermon password football

  85. Alan0123

    Theres a new coin glitch in steps

    1. Log in to ClubPenguin
    2. Go to the NightClub
    3. Play DJ3K
    4. Press the “Tab” Button Untill a yellow box is around the “X”
    5. then press enter and hold it untill it is 1,000,000 coins

  86. hello


  87. ben

    Help my have 10000000000000000000 coins in clubpenguin
    My username is:Kranji 818

  88. ben

    Thank you

  89. ben

    help me to have a member ship too ty

  90. Paige Doyle-Brett

    hi i was just wondering if u can give me one thousand coins and to pay for all my stuff pllllllllllllllllllzzzzzz i beg u any way im paige nice to meet u.

    soz this page is kinda closed now

  91. Paige Doyle-Brett

    dont take all my puffles

  92. Paige Doyle-Brett

    o yeh im Bruno13276

  93. juplm21


  94. Icepup2

    Awesome I’m gonna put tons of comments on!!

  95. jmp15

    i love you

  96. jmp15

    i want them so bad

  97. jmp15

    iw ant that please

  98. jmp15

    i love you much

  99. jmp15

    iwant it baad

  100. jmp15


  101. looo


  102. Noey

    plz give me 1000,000,00 coins

  103. Noey

    i love u

  104. Noey

    dude u rock

  105. Noey

    just give them to me

  106. Noey

    u gotta help me

  107. Hatilguy

    Im just started and i need a free membership so i can decorate my igloo?

  108. poop


  109. Ezekiel

    I want 100000000000000000000000000000000000 coins please.

  110. Ismerkedés

    Wazzup Fella, What you Ë™have here greatly have me wicked up to the last word, and I hafta say to you I am not that typical man who read the full length post of blogs ’cause I most of the time got bored and tired of the gibberish that is presented in the junkyard of the world wide web on a daily basis and I simply end up checking out the pictures and the headlines and so on. But your tag-line and the first few rows were awesome and it right on the spot got me hooked. Commending you for a job well done in here Thanks, really.

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