cp trainer 2 codes

If any of you guys use CP TRAINER 2 OR 3, here are some clothes code for the AVATAR HACK! HERE IS THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD CP TRAINER 2!!!!!!!! http://www.filecart.com/details/28478/412/CP_Trainer.phpAnd if you get BANNED, it may be up to 4 days, not FOREVER!

Plus here are the code’s for clothes:

1 Blue=colors

2 Green=colors
3 Pink=colors
4 Black=colors
5 Red=colors
6 Orange=colors

7 Yellow=colors
8 Purple=colors
9 Brown=colors
10 Peach=colors
11 Dark Green=colors
12 Light Blue=colors

14+15 dark black=colors

101 Black Sunglasses=face
102 Night Vision=face
103 3D Glasses=face

106 Superhero Mask=fase
107 Blue Sunglasses=face
108 Blue Sunglasses=face
109 Free Red Sunglasses=face
110 Red Sunglasses=face
131 Snorkle=face
133 Red Face Paint=face
134 Blue Face Paint=face
171 Hawaiian Lei=neck
172 Scarf=neck

173 Christmas Scarf=neck
174 Boa=neck
175 Pink Scarf=neck
176 Black Tie=neck
177 Striped Tie=neck
181 Pearl Necklace
192 Bandana=head
193 Blue Lei=head
194 Whistle=neck
201 Red Shirt=body
212 Grass Skirt=body
214 Bow Tie=neck
215 Life Jacket=body
216 Free Bow Tie=neck
217 Cowboy Vest=body
218 Quilted Vest=body
219 Blue Coat=body
220 Hockey Stick=hand
221 Bunny Hug=hand or body

222 Pink Hoodie=body
224 Purple Hoodie=body
233 Electric Guitar=body
234 Acoustic Guitar=body
235 Raincoat=body
236 Poncho=body
237 Red Suede Jacket=body
238 Pastal Suede Jacket=body
240 Pizza Apron=body

241 ninja costume=body

244 Ghost Costume=body
252 Pink Dress=body
253 Purple Dress=body
261 Black Suit=body

262 Coffee Apron=body
263 Pizza Apron=body
267 Red Shorts=body
269 Pink Swimsuit=body
270 Purple Bikini
272 Blue Shorts
273 Aqua Bikini
274 Duck Inflatable
275 Overalls
301 Superhero Cape
302 Blue Cape
323 Wrist Watch
325 Water Wings
327 Lasso
351 Leather Shoes
352 Black Sneakers
362 Scuba Flippers
363 Yellow Sandals
366 Bunny Slippers
368 Cowboy Boots
369 Ice Skates

291 ninja belt

401 Sombrero
402 Black Toque
403 Hard Hat
404 Cowboy Hat
405 Baseball Cap
406 Pink Ball Cap
407 Propellor Cap
408 Flower Hat
409 Graduation Cap
410 Small Crown
412 Tiara
413 Party Hat
414 Santa Hat
417 Brown Fedora
418 Pink Toque
419 Russian Hat
420 Black Toque
421 Pink Toque
422 Newspaper Hat
423 Top Hat
424 Chef Hat
425 Lucky Hat
427 Easter Bunny Hat
429 Miners Helmet
433 Black Cowboy Hat
434 Pink Cowgirl Hat

442 Rockhopper hat
451 Roman Helmet
452 Viking Helmet
453 Football Helmet
456 Blue Viking Helmet
457 Divers Helmet
481 Headphones
484 Pink Ear Muffs
500 Canada
501 USA
502 Australia
503 United Kingdom
504 Belgium
505 Brazil
506 China
507 Denmark
508 Finland
509 France
510 Germany
511 Isreal
512 Japan
513 Korea
514 Neatherlands
515 Norway
516 Poland
517 Russia
518 Spain
519 Sweden
520 Switzerland
521 Turkey
522 Mexico
523 New Zealand
524 Ireland
525 Portugal
526 South Africa
527 India
528 Italy
529 Belize
530 Egypt
550 Shamrock
551 Music Note
552 Plant
553 Pizza Slice
554 Balloon
555 Mining Lantern
556 Beach Ball
557 Sun
558 Horse Shoe
559 Astro
800 Spy Phone
801 Medal
802 Letter from Aunt Arctic
901 Heart Background
902 Flower Background
903 Nightime Background
904 Clouds Background
905 Cut-out Background
906 Target Background
907 Camo Background
908 Lined Paper
909 Pink Hawaiian Background
910 Blue Hawaiian Background
911 Oasis Background
912 Beach Background
913 Western Sunset Background
914 Corral Background
915 Saloon Background
916 Stage Coach Background
917 Band Background
329 Pompom
435 Red Ball Cap
436 Blue Ball Cap
488 Hockey Helmet
461 Red Football Helmet
462 Blue Football Helmet
463 Head Band
254 Red Cheerleader
255 Blue Cheerleader
277 Red Jersey
278 Blue Jersey
560 Hockey
561 Soccer
918 Soccer Background
919 Hockey Background
920 Basketball Background
921 Gymnastic Background

the instructions for taking off items

(if u dont do this then u will get baned)

1.go to avatar hacks

2.untick the item

3.open the same one and type the number zero

4.untick it again

5.walk into another room

CP trainer doesent work anymore


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65 Responses to “cp trainer 2 codes”

  1. jack

    i like the codes

    • emil911

      huh i did not see the codes man answer me the codes

  2. hyper123

    wat hack would we put it on? head body etc……

    i will put it down

  3. 126596hi

    I LOVE THE CODES!!!!!!


  4. Flaberdy

    the ninja mask will get u banned!

    CPtrainer has a 95% chance u will be banned whatever you do

  5. 126596hi

    i got banned for 71 hours

    I will e-mail u

  6. Flaberdy

    ok thanx i tried it i was banned 4 72 hrs

    • jonathan

      when you get banned on club penguin at the third time youll get banned forever and you will never play club penguin again or sign some emalls to the club penguin team youll get one back then call the club penguin team then tell them why you did that then when your done then play club penguin remember dont get banned forever

  7. taashi

    so cool

  8. Cristy

    hmm…yeah i got banned cuz i made somethung wrong but in 72 hour i will be able to login again

  9. beatriz linares

    o.k my kids are asking what is rockhoppers password of clubpenguin can you try to write me back the password please guys.

    Well his pass is Rockhoppor but he is banned forever

    • syha

      ya thanks for the cheats i got banned for 2 weeks AND I STILL CANT GET ON IT IV A WEEK LEFT TO GO

  10. Dani

    lol i banned him

  11. fucking kiddin

    this is stupid i get banded just cuz i put on a shirt u suck

    not my fault.I didn’t make cp trainer

  12. pie

    Lol i got banned for ever XD good thig this was my sub sub sub sub sub sub sub account 😀

  13. zoidberg

    you lied the ninja code “241” doesent work

    CP blocked it then

  14. candythecutie562

    where do you put does codes

    Go to CP hacks,game,player,avatar hacks.

  15. cooldude54

    for me the trainer doesnt work for some reason. i know how to work it but it doesnt let me put on clothes. i found a websits and put in the codes but it still didnt work.plze help!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. sdd

    i want member acount i can make you automatliy all months member! who want sey me mail me adibjan@hotmail.com

  17. mattrulez200

    i am going to get myself banned

  18. boludo0



  19. jessie767

    it dosent work you loser what the hell is wrong with you it should work you big fat lyer i hate you


  20. mumble213141

    how do i do it?!?!?!?!

    game>player hacks>avatar hacks

  21. XcyclonatorX

    You didn’t write that. 100% guarantee.
    OKAY. ITS CYCLONE TO THE RESCUE (or so they say?)
    Juplm21, I’m Alexkurty’s bud. You better make Alexkurty an adnimistrator on his site, or I will post on my 300,000 hit site that we will spam you. Send you junk mail, those kind of stuff. So, I’m telling you, make Alexkurty an adnimistrator again, or you will face the consenquences:
    Junk Mail
    Report on CP
    Report if we see you (as in Maple, Penguin Chat, etc.)
    Oh yeah Alexkurty will delete his site if you don’t follow him, and then he can report you to wordpress, making you OUT OF THIS SITE. Face it; whichever way you choose, you won’t make it.

  22. ,jf;hdgf

    it wont work for me

  23. ray 45678

    it dosen’t work! i put in the number codes and the clothes don’t appear

  24. ray 45678

    maybe my computer is 2 old other things don’t work either

  25. ray 45678

    ray 45678 is actualy my penguin name down the page is my password


  26. ray 45678

    if u do i will also tell u my password!

  27. ray 45678

    O right this is chat about cp trainer and not cp chat


  28. ray 45678

    check out the website

  29. ray 45678

    check out THIS website

  30. ray 45678

    i’m not gonna talk about websites anymore

  31. ray 45678

    u ever herd of toontown try it out do the website thing with this comment

  32. yeur

    The ninja mask and belt doesn’t work.Shese

  33. help me

    i tried but they just dont appear on my penguin all i want is an eletric guitar and i type in the code.it doesnt work am i doing something wrong?

    p.s:i copy and paste the codes

  34. Rockhopper

    cool lols my have club penguin cp trainer 5 ha ha

  35. Rockhopper


  36. ???

    It don’t really work.You know,I tried but it won’t work.Help?

  37. jokes55

    it dosnt work

  38. Rockhopper


  39. Rockhopper

    Ahoy! me maeties!

  40. fatty564736653

    how do u make ur own trainer. if u kno how to,plz tell me.

  41. tomux

    cool trainer it works i m no banned

  42. tarzanandralph

    thanks man ill try them on cp trainer 5

  43. Souljaboys45


  44. pompomrory

    the codees are cool

  45. pompomrory

    the codes are cool

  46. pompomrory

    ther graet

  47. piggy43215


  48. www.2beakie4.blogspot.com

    i haven’t tried it yet but does it work?
    ps. please visit my blog; it’s awesome!

  49. 2beakie4

    Did I actually do that post?
    I don’t remember me doing that.

  50. Icee(man14)

    How do we use the codes?!?
    Do we just type them in on unlock items?
    send it back

  51. Icee(man14)

    How do we use the codes?!?
    Do we just type them in on unlock items?
    Can you tell me how if you read this?

    -ICEE (MI A GIRL!!)

  52. Joseph Aoun

    My Cp trainer Did not freaking work

    i am pissed off

  53. Gillon

    I don’t know how to get pins and backgrounds!! Please help!

  54. trickyandfriends

    why dont you just delete the page not cross the whole page out

  55. jonathan

    rockhoppers password is club penguin no space bar and rockhoppers other password is migorator

  56. Emperor1409

    Stamp List

    Dont Copy This! Instead Use This Link

    Image Catagory Stamp ID Stamp Name Description Member Rank
    Characters 7 Rockhopper Be in the same room as Rockhopper
    Characters 8 Gary Be in the same room as Gary the Gadget Guy
    Characters 31 Cadence Be in the same room as Cadence
    Characters 32 Penguin Band 1 Be in the same room as Franky
    Characters 33 Aunt Arctic Be in the same room as Aunt Arctic
    Characters 34 Penguin Band 2 Be in the same room as G Billy
    Characters 35 Penguin Band 3 Be in the same room as Petey K
    Characters 36 Penguin Band 4 Be in the same room as Stompin’ Bob
    Activities 9 Stage Crew Operate the Switchbox 3000
    Activities 10 Underground Find the secret entrance to the underground
    Activities 11 Snapshot Use a camera on top of the Ski Hill
    Activities 12 Go Swimming Swim in water with a rubber duck
    Activities 13 Clock Target Hit the Clock target 10 times in a row
    Activities 14 183 days! Log in with a penguin 183 days old or older
    Activities 15 Going Places Waddle around 30 rooms
    Activities 16 Dance Party Party in the Night Club with 10 penguins
    Activities 17 Igloo Party Throw an igloo party for 10 penguins
    Activities 18 Coffee Server Serve 5 coffees, using the apron and emote
    Activities 19 Pizza Waiter Serve 5 pizzas, using the apron and emote
    Activities 20 365 days! Log in with a penguin 365 days old or older
    Activities 21 Puffle Owner Adopt and care for 16 puffles
    Activities 22 Floor Filler Dance in the Night Club with 25 penguins
    Activities 23 Full House Fill your igloo with 99 furniture items
    Activities 24 Play It Loud! Form a full band at the Lighthouse
    Activities 25 Soccer Team Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey
    Activities 26 Berg Drill! Dance with 30 penguins wearing hard hats at the Berg
    Activities 27 Fort Battle Throw snow at the Forts with 5 penguins of the same color
    Activities 28 Party Host Throw an igloo party for 30 penguins
    Activities 29 Hockey Team Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey
    Activities 30 Ninja Meeting Meet 10 black belts in the Ninja Hideout
    Jet Pack Adventure 37 Lift Off! Take off and return to the launch pad
    Jet Pack Adventure 38 Fuel Rank 1 Collect all fuel cans in Level 1
    Jet Pack Adventure 39 Jet Pack 5 Complete 5 levels
    Jet Pack Adventure 40 Crash! Crash land your jet pack at the Forest
    Jet Pack Adventure 41 Fuel Rank 2 Collect all fuel cans in Level 2
    Jet Pack Adventure 42 Fuel Rank 3 Collect all fuel cans in Level 3
    Jet Pack Adventure 43 Fuel Rank 4 Collect all fuel cans in Level 4
    Jet Pack Adventure 44 Fuel Rank 5 Collect all fuel cans in Level 5
    Jet Pack Adventure 45 1-up Leader Collect 2 x 1-ups
    Jet Pack Adventure 46 Kerching! Collect 650 coins
    Jet Pack Adventure 47 Fuel Command Collect all fuel cans in 1 game
    Jet Pack Adventure 48 Fuel Wings Collect a fuel can while falling
    Jet Pack Adventure 49 1-up Captain Find all 1-ups in one game
    Jet Pack Adventure 50 Ace Pilot Complete the game without collecting coins
    Aqua Grabber 72 Squid Spotter Spot the squid
    Aqua Grabber 73 Aqua Puffle Take your pink puffle for a deep-sea dive
    Aqua Grabber 74 Soda Success Complete Soda Seas levels
    Aqua Grabber 75 Clam Success Complete Clam Waters levels
    Aqua Grabber 76 Soda Master Complete Soda Seas levels without losing a life
    Aqua Grabber 77 Clam Master Complete Clam Waters levels without losing a life
    Aqua Grabber 78 Get Fluffy Catch the yellow fish and return to your net
    Aqua Grabber 79 Get the Worm Catch a worm and return to your net
    Aqua Grabber 80 Bubble Catch Collect a pink puffle’s bubble
    Aqua Grabber 81 Pearl Capture Collect all the white pearls in Clam Waters levels
    Aqua Grabber 82 Clam Treasure Discover secret treasure in Clam Waters levels
    Aqua Grabber 83 Soda Treasure Discover secret treasure in Soda Seas levels
    Aqua Grabber 84 Clam Compress Complete the Clam Waters compressed air mode
    Aqua Grabber 85 Soda Compress Complete the Soda Seas compressed air mode
    Aqua Grabber 86 Clam Pressure Master the Clam Waters compressed air mode without losing a life
    Aqua Grabber 87 Soda Pressure Master the Soda Seas compressed air mode without losing a life
    Aqua Grabber 88 Clam Timer Complete the Clam Waters time trial
    Aqua Grabber 89 Soda Timer Complete the Soda Seas time trial
    Aqua Grabber 91 Crab’s Treasure Capture all the crab’s treasure
    Aqua Grabber 92 Mullet Capture Capture the large red fish and return to the net
    Astro Barrier 51 Astro5 Finish 5 levels
    Astro Barrier 52 Astro5 Max Finish 5 levels without missing a shot
    Astro Barrier 53 Astro40 Complete levels 1-40
    Astro Barrier 54 Ship Blast Use a Blaster to shoot a ship
    Astro Barrier 55 1-up Blast Use a Blaster to shoot a 1-up
    Astro Barrier 56 Astro Secret Complete all Secret Levels
    Astro Barrier 57 Astro10 Max Complete levels 1-10 without missing a shot
    Astro Barrier 58 Astro20 Max Complete levels 1-20 without missing a shot
    Astro Barrier 59 Astro Expert Complete the Expert Levels
    Astro Barrier 60 Astro30 Max Complete levels 1-30 without missing a shot
    Astro Barrier 61 Astro 1-up Collect 8 1-ups
    Astro Barrier 62 Astro Master Complete 25 levels + Secret and Expert
    Catchin’ Waves 93 First Trick Master your first trick on the board
    Catchin’ Waves 94 Puffle Surfin’ Take your red puffle for a surf lesson
    Catchin’ Waves 95 Easy Flip Perform 1 flip
    Catchin’ Waves 96 Easy Tube Hit 100 point combo while shooting the tube
    Catchin’ Waves 97 Easy Grind Hit 100 point combo while grinding the wave
    Catchin’ Waves 98 Graduate Finish the surf lesson
    Catchin’ Waves 99 Trick Star Master 13 different tricks in a surf
    Catchin’ Waves 100 Podium Puffle Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place with your puffle
    Catchin’ Waves 101 Flip Star Jump and flip 3 times
    Catchin’ Waves 102 Easy Jump Jump the height of 8 penguins
    Catchin’ Waves 103 Super Tube Hit 1000 point combo while shooting the tube
    Catchin’ Waves 104 Easy Spin Perform a 3 spin jump
    Catchin’ Waves 105 Super Spin Perform a 7 spin jump
    Catchin’ Waves 106 Super Grind Hit 700 point combo while grinding the wave
    Catchin’ Waves 107 Max Grind Hit 1200 point combo while grinding the wave
    Catchin’ Waves 108 First Place Win first place in a competition
    Catchin’ Waves 109 Max Flips Flip 10 times
    Catchin’ Waves 110 High Jump Jump the height of 20 penguins
    Catchin’ Waves 111 Max Tube Hit 5000 point combo while shooting the tube
    Catchin’ Waves 112 Max Spin Do a 10 spin jump
    Catchin’ Waves 113 Shark! Spot the shark
    Catchin’ Waves 114 Survivor Complete Survival Mode
    Thin Ice 63 1 Coin Bag Collect 1 coin bag
    Thin Ice 64 3 Coin Bags Collect 3 coin bags
    Thin Ice 65 6 Coin Bags Collect 6 coin bags
    Thin Ice 66 Iced Treasure Find the hidden treasure room
    Thin Ice 67 10 Coin Bags Collect 10 coin bags
    Thin Ice 68 Ice Bonus Completely melt 480 ice tiles
    Thin Ice 69 Ice Trekker Push all blocks to the correct position
    Thin Ice 70 All Coin Bags Collect all coin bags on every level
    Thin Ice 71 Ice Master Master all the mazes
    Party 182 Happy Room Make 10 penguins smile in a room
    Party 183 Party Puzzle Solve a puzzle at a party

  57. Emperor1409


    • kaily gibbs


  58. susuc

    try putting code:224-head in trainer 2 avatar hacks

  59. susuc

    try code 224 in head

  60. Anonymous

    cp trainer still works its cp trainer 2 im using it i dont do it in penguin storm 12 cuz im gonna get banned cuz these things are patched it only works in cp trainer 2 now

  61. kaily gibbs

    these codes are awsome!its a releve i found this site!

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