downloads and links

club penguin money maker

Command prompt
command prompt is a way of changing find how to do it just search cmd on you tube

CP Trainer 1

Cp trainer 2

Cp trainer 3

Cheat engine 5.3

Cheat engine 5.4

My wacky pack v 0.1

My wacky pack v 0.1.1

My wacky pack v 0.1.2 (not avalible)

A very hard quiz!


Well some of you may know a game called command and concur.Well I have a link to plat it without the disk!The problem is it has already started the game so you will always be the same.Download it here


penguin tracker


Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

26 Responses to “downloads and links”

  1. Alexkurty

    hey, I would be an administrator here! but one thing… Can I delete the hacking stuff because its ilegal and I dont want to support ilegal stuff!…

    its achally not illigel cos it is just a game and are u mad NO NO NO i dont hack but other people do and wats the e-mail

  2. Alexkurty

    Well I can leave the stuff there, but if I’m an administrator here, tell the people that I not hack… ok?

  3. Alexkurty

    I think its more fair!

    ok i tell them

  4. juplm


  5. U WILL GO

    hello sam

  6. U WILL GO

    hi sam

  7. U WILL GO


  8. juplm


  9. juplm

    hi sam

  10. U WILL GO


  11. U WILL GO

    oh crap

  12. juplm

    i will have a piece of crap with a bit of shit in it!

  13. rockhopper


    we all no u r fake

  14. U WILL GO


  15. U WILL GO

    r u there juplm


  16. juplm

    why did u say fuck u to urself

  17. Benny Boy

    You love to swear don’t you Will.

  18. U WILL GO


  19. juplm21


  20. mattrulez200

    sam this is matt so FCUK u will and jack

  21. someone

    hello sam. u may know me. i am one of your friends. i maybe will, jack, jess or alex. so think carefully. goodbye.

    matt,you 4got to put ur own name

  22. mattrulez200

    Sam go on my website.This is the adress

  23. XcyclonatorX

    OKAY. ITS CYCLONE TO THE RESCUE (or so they say?)
    Juplm21, I’m Alexkurty’s bud. You better make Alexkurty an adnimistrator on his site, or I will post on my 300,000 hit site that we will spam you. Send you junk mail, those kind of stuff. So, I’m telling you, make Alexkurty an adnimistrator again, or you will face the consenquences:
    Junk Mail
    Report on CP
    Report if we see you (as in Maple, Penguin Chat, etc.)
    Oh yeah Alexkurty will delete his site if you don’t follow him, and then he can report you to wordpress, making you OUT OF THIS SITE. Face it; whichever way you choose, you won’t make it.

  24. juplm21

    fuck u

  25. aMj99

    jumle is right so who cares but jumple refresh your toolbar it sez save rh and crap
    yh long story i 4got the edit pass im gonne make a new 1 but is not gonna b CP coz i dont use it anymore

  26. papalindo1

    all you suck

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