Free membership!!

Click the ad 4 free membership!!

I swear it’s real. I got 1 month membership on juplm21.


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27 Responses to “Free membership!!”

  1. juplm21

    Click here to go to google .com

  2. juplm21

    Text to ome out as

  3. juplm21

    dotty underline

  4. juplm21

    Is this a link?

  5. juplm21

    My 404 page

  6. juplm21

  7. juplm21


  8. Maui0829

    i want free membership in club penguin SO badly..

  9. ooc90

    i really wont free member ship really badly because you can buy lots of stuf

  10. amitpogi

    hi i want free membership

  11. jc

    i want and need a free membership

  12. chase

    i need a free membership my name on clubpenguin is chaseanator9 my password is pimp112339 my email on yahoo is and passwor is pimp112339

  13. westboy 101

    me to

  14. Kyerandomas

    hi i want and need freee membership PLZ!! if u can do it my username is Kyerandomas Exactly how ive spelt it and my password is 89323GL u press shift to make the GL Thankyou sooo much


  15. DAT MAN

    i want cp membership so badly

  16. Susie

    i want cp membership really badly and like for a really long time, please make it come true Thank you!!

  17. ..........................

    Pls chose mine.ive never been chosen before.

  18. Anonymous

    uhhhh….. arn’t they gonna TELL us how to get a free membership or not?!?!

  19. juplm21


  20. smart

    the does work and its easy

  21. Icepup2

    Please if this banns me it’s YOUR fault!!!!!!!!!! :I

  22. hunnyberry16

    i want cp membership really badly!
    at least 2 months.please!
    please,please a millions of please make it come true!

  23. omar

    i want free membership i realy want free membership

  24. cuty1139

    plz plz plz derez ma byf he likes me in cp i want 2 chat vid him do u help dis poor sexy gal???
    if u r a gal den u can understand……
    if u r a boy den also u can understand!!!
    so plzzzzzzzzzz help!!!

  25. little mo 37

    nah i dont want prize rebel i want a hack

  26. shanon189

    yo tambien quiero membresía pero en pandanda

  27. shanon189

    quiero membresía gratis yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡en

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