Thats right!!! All you have to do is download this file…

But it’s not that simple…

It’s a bit like a game of hide and seek…

The programs hide in thousands of folders and you seek…

When you find all of them, E-mail he at and I will check it. If they are all correct and you got all of them then I will send you a folder with just the parts of the screen recorder!!!

There’s no point using the search bar because I renamed all the files!!! But don’t worry! You can find them by icon!

Here’s the link:


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6 Responses to “FREE SCREEN RECORDER!!!”

  1. Anonymous

    what is a screen

  2. juplm21

    it allow you to make a vidio of somthing on the screen

  3. Jessi

    umm well it’s kinda like umm…. wat do u call it…umm…Yeah. Hypercam2, all it does is record the screen thingy!

    • juplm21

      hypercam sux

  4. velavel123

    how do you get a hyper cam? is it just a web cam?


      No, its a program thats records the screen. Search it on Google.

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