Mission Cheats

Welcome. In this page I will give you the solutions to ALL missions. We will start with the most recent.


Here’s how to complete mission 4 – Avalance rescue

Talk to G until he opens the secret gadget room,

Go in and get the life preserver (It looks just like it does in the 1st mission)

Go to the Ski Lodge and take the fishing rod that is next to the fishing door,

Go into the winter sports shop and take the belt from the fake penguin with clothes,

Go into the lighthouse and take the rope next to the wooden boat,

Use the spanner in your spyphone to take the telescope from the beacon and put it in your inventory,

Go to Gary’s room which can be reached inside the sports shop,

Put the telescope on the tripod next to the window in his room,

Look through it and you can see the correct route to the bottom of the mountain,

Go to Ski village and talk to the crying penguin,

Use the belt to fix the chair lifts,

Collect the white fur lying next to the chair lifts (It is identicle to the ones in mission 3),

Go to the mountaintop and go down the ridge run,

If you don’t remember the correct way from gary’s window, it is up, right, left, right, up,

Now attach the life preserver to the fishing rod, then attach the rope to the rod/life preserver,

Use it and go over the edge,

First, break the branch on the top right by hitting it, then catch the highest up penguin, keep it attached to the ring, and get the 2nd penguin the same way, then put 1 of them on the branch at the top and use the other one to go down and get the 3rd penguin, then drop all penguins next to the boulder, they will push it down, bringing the 4th penguin up a bit, then get the 3 penguins on your ring and go down to get the fourth one,

Talk to G and give him the fibres,

Take the medal and award and read the letter (It self – destructs after you read it)

You have completed mission 4 – Avalance Rescue!


Here’s how to complete mission 3 – Case of the missing coins

Keep talking to the green penguin (NOTE: always say whatever is at the top)

He will close the door and can’t re-open it, go to the manager’s office,

Go right until you see a sofa,

Look under it and take the floppy disk and the paper clip,

Put the disk in the computer,

Turn it on and look for the combination under My Files then Combination_Number,

N,E,S, and W all stand for the positions of a compass, go back to the vault and enter the numbers in the correct place,

Go into the vault and click on the coins on the roof,

Talk to the penguin,

G will phone you, go to the HQ to talk to him,

Watch the video then talk to G,

Look in the drawer and see which key begins with the letter R, take it,

Go back to the office in the gift shop and open the rooftop door with the key,

Open the power box with the spanner from your spyphone,

Look inside it and use the paper clip to mess with the electricity,

Before going back down take the white fibres on the drain on top of the roof,

Go down to the gift shop and enter the vault, talk to the penguin,

Go to the HQ and tell G about it,

Tell him about the white fur and give it to him,

He will ask you if you can do anything else, say yes,


IF NOT – collect the flashlight on a desk in the HQ then go to the town,

BOTH – Talk to the crying penguin and enter the night club,

Either wear night vision goggles or use the flashlight, enter the boiler room and look around for the fuse box,

Fiddle around until all the buttons are green,

Go to the HQ and tell G,

Collect the medal and letter then end mission,

You have completed mission 3 – Case of the missing Coins!


Here’s how to complete mission 2 – G’s secret mission

Tell G you are here to recieve his mission,

Tell him the word is mogul (It says mogul on the arrow pointing to bunnyhill in ski mountain)

Put the sled in your inventory,

Use the sled on the run in ski mountain called “Test Run”

Crash the sled in this run (You are meant to crash)

You appear in the wilderness,

Collect the peice of rope behind the lump of snow,

Take the survival guide,

Go forward to the next part,

Collect 3 O’berries,

Go along to the right,

You will find a tree with a pan in it,

Click on the tree bark 3 times,

Collect the pan,

Go forward to the next part,

Click on the puffles,

They all run away (Apart from the black one)

Feed the black puffle an O’berry,

He will now follow you,

Go to the left,

Go forward,

Take the Ski out from the bush and into your inventory,

Go to the right,

Go forward,

Go forward again,

Go forward for a third time,

Go to the right,

Go forward,

You are outside a cave,

Go to the left,

Go forward,

Collect water in the river using your pan,

Attach your rope to your ski in your inventory, then attach an O’berry to the rope/ski,

Use it as a fishing rod to collect a fish from the river,

Put the fish in your inventory,

Go to the right and collect the bit of wood lying on the ground,

Go a bit left then forward (back to the cave),

Click on the bushes in front of the cave entrance,

Enter the cave,

Go to the right,

Click on one of the stones around the empty firepit,

Put the wood in the middle,

Take the survival guide FROM YOUR INVENTORY and put it on top of the wood,

Move to the right position so that the black pufle is just on top of the wood and paper,

Feed it the last O’berry,

Put the fish on top of the fire, then click on it,

Repeat for the water in the pan,

You fall asleep,

When you wake up, go outside and talk to the agent,

Talk to G back in the Sports shop,

Collect your medal and letter,

You have completed Mission 2 – G’s secret mission!


Here’s how to complete mission 1 – Case of the missing puffles…

Talk to Aunt arctic,

Go to the ice rink,

There are pictures at the right, put them in your inventory,

Go back to aunt arctics and give the photos to her,

Go to the pet shop,

Look at the note on top of the brown puffle house and use the code too find out what is says, (It tells you how many pairs of socks G has)

WARNING – The number of socks changes each time you do the mission

Go to the sports shop,

Tell G you are looking for items, then tell him you’re looking for SPECIAL items,

Tell him how many pairs of socks he has,

Take the life preserver shooter, put it in your inventory,

Go to the iceberg,

Use the life preserver shooter to save the stranded penguins,

Go back to the sports shop,

Take the grappling hook,

Go to Ski Mountain,

Talk to the crying penguin,

Use the spanner in your spy phone to fix the telescope (click on “tools” on your spy phone to get the spanner)

Look through the telescope,

You will see 2 puffles flying around the tallest mountain,

Go to the tallest mountain,

Use your grappling hook and hook it to the rock at the top,

You have found the puffles!

Take them to Aunt arctic’s,

Talk to her,

Collect your medal and letter,

You have completed Mission 1 – Case of the Missing Puffles!


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