password box

Ok if you have a unwanted account place the p-word here if you still want your account THEN DO NOT POST HERE. I will post it here to make my viewers happy. Once me and my friends discovered a account named Kenny Died and the password was kenny (he’s they banned him ( ) same thing almost every time if it has a name in the username it is most likely to be the pass.Do NOT post if they are banned.If they are banned 3 or more times then they will be banned because club penguin has online sensors so they will detect it and ban it.


Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

60 Responses to “password box”

  1. Icey dude50

    Yay!!!Im first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Icey dude50

    me says

    the last 2 D-O-N-some other leter dont work

  2. Icey dude50

    p.s My email is

    me says

    Ok but we don’t need to hear that.

  3. nick hamaunn

    Icey dude50’s pass is cancel it was a member but the member ship ran out!

  4. nick hamaunn

    now its anything because its banned forever!

  5. nick hamaunn

    y does it say 1:36 when its 10:36?

  6. alohacp

    we are all in a diffrent time zone da :confused:

  7. ahmed

    shut up

  8. meme me

    cya guys

  9. ice68

    i lovve you

  10. juplm

    girl or boy or alien

  11. hippie worrior

    idiots and pass word is ass holes

  12. soldier12

    hi penguinpepper100 pass pepper

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    I’m not trying to be mean but this has nothing to do with CP and probably

  14. pay aspire

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  15. ttioottyy

    get me 1000000 coins


    wont work!

  16. herofrances

    user: cafc50
    pass: cafcrules

  17. lover#9

    i love you

    cool ,my 6th CP girlfreind

  18. Fizzy Bum

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  19. steini

    i don’t have this account

    username: borat123
    password: borat

  20. Anonymous

    e5u5uj e 5urjtr ujrs

  21. hie32


  22. Fake paintboy100

    I fuckin love Club Penguin!

  23. Outrageran

    DUde my e-mail is

  24. Cp helper

    not kidding. It really works. I did it with my account. 🙂

  25. Cp helper

    my e-mail is

  26. Cp helper

    I am a club penguin Helper.
    I love helping other peepls. XD

  27. fisherboy656

    ok my user is: tomahawk656 pass is: mommom


  28. gunggung110

    ok my username is gunggung110 and my password is cheese. OK get me lots of money bii bii

  29. Bull56789


  30. Walt disnei

    Hi min nick name is Peng the gui and password everts

  31. mateo 89

    please give my account i will mite you 1000000 coins just give my member account please please and please

  32. mateo 89


  33. mateo 89

    i will tell you how to be Rockhopper

  34. mateo 89

    i will tell you how to be a ninja everything please just give my member account

  35. mateo 89


  36. Kyerandomas

    Can you guys help me out on CP Im like 200 and somthing years old and i NEEED Membership and money Plz Plz Plz Plz

  37. Anonymous

    My Account: is savier002 and my password:maanbuenaobra

    Plsssss Try me

  38. juplm21


  39. Teamabo

    Mine is

    username: Abiturns

    pass: abi123

  40. 1qs234

    my account is 1qs234

  41. sky guy



  42. floridachick

    ok all you freakin losers who live with thier mommies quit banning all the accounts cuz your fat hairy girlfriend left you ok you fat stupid 40 year olds cuz you got nothing to do?????

  43. Frantz

    lol k
    unban me

  44. cat64876

    u billy bob
    p billy bob


    user:dr bin men

  46. billy bob

    user:stink bom 1

    user:dr bin man


    y r ppl givin away their accounts?

    if they dont want it

  48. Roshon Fegan

    Username= Jobrosgal
    Password= Never

  49. Aunt Artic


    • sange

      not real. give us a real auntarctic account

  50. evan812

    u people r stupid
    giveing away your accounts they just get u banned


  51. Hugh Bert 15

    USER:Fuzzy Fallen

  52. hayden

    hi i need a member acount and i need one cuz mine is abit poor and mak

  53. hayden

    plz cuz i need a member acount

  54. trickyandfriends

    why would i give my username and password you people would just BAN it and btw i have a membership 4ever

  55. cpnews13

    USERNAME: 123Djsmacks123
    PASSWORD: smackdown12345

  56. struanv1

    My user name
    please make me a member for a month!

  57. Roxy Jess

    how do u unlock the ipod and pink bunny??

  58. bombascool

    my nick:viva1239:password4princeses:

  59. maik leny

    my nick:lolixdanix:password:zpdsmirddd

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